Division of Industrial Design

The Industrial Design programme has matured considerably in nine short years. The programme emphasis reflects its context. Singapore is perceived as representing the cross roads of east and west cultures. International design companies and designers see Singapore as the resource centre for design talents as well as the place to sieve out future trends within the Asian regions. The Industrial Design programme therefore focuses on strategic thinking through design innovation in search of new products, applications and markets, with great emphasis on a knowledge-based approach.

The programme is founded on its strength in the learning of design fundamentals, followed by market and brand awareness, conceptual thinking as well as design research in support of analysis and design development.

Projects serve as design exercises for students to learn about scale, human interface, technological innovations, ambience, culture and identity, environmental concerns and sustainability. It adopts a holistic approach in design education that is both humanistic as well as market oriented.

Since the introduction of the programme in 1999, the Industrial Design programme has proven to be extremely effective in grooming talented students for the design industry. Apart from the success in local and international competitions and awards, recent graduates have achieved recognition and success in gaining scholarships for further studies as well as being placed in well-known design practices.

The M.A.(ID)/Ph.D is a graduate programme by research that serves to advance the study of industrial design. It emphasizes a holistic approach to research in design thinking and practice. Candidates undertake research across a spectrum of design issues, from design processes and methods, to design problems concerning product users. The research methodology also focuses on interactive design, environmental and sustainability concerns. The research areas of the industrial design programme include design theory, practice and innovation, technology and universal design, and biomedical equipment design.

For more information: www.nusindustrialdesign.com