The d.lab collection, “Objects Around the Tablescape” focuses on the visceral and emotive quality of materials, such as translucency, texture, weight, the way it feels when you hold it in your hand, the way it catches light and shadow.

Most of the time a design is started by asking a block of wood what it wants to be, how it would like to exist, what the materials themselves can offer, how they can exist within the context of our living space, our tablescape? Often a process that is not too elaborate or too deliberate, often seeking a light touch, is employed to transform this material into a new product. The mass of wood, its grains, the color and the texture of materials all evoke a sense of tactile eminence. We bear in mind these qualities during the process of realizing the design.

A cup, a plate, a bowl, a vase, a light. These are the archetypes of our work which provide the most basic of functions which never propose to be innovative or new. However, the results are often so familiar but yet so strange and refreshing. It may be a study of the object’s proportion around its space; it may be introducing a new color that compliments the visceral quality of the object or even adopting a new material and fabrication process.

But at times, all it takes is a decisive intention to introduce certain sensibilities to an object and its surrounding; these sensibilities, gathered subconsciously, became almost innate.

The entire collection is a synthesis of different fragments of investigations, thoughts and whispers which take place within the walls of the studios of the school.